Ruger Industries originated the hydraulic portable crane also known as the floor crane or shop crane. Ken Ruger, the founder of Ruger Industries, recognized the need for a maneuverable lifting device during World War II. He commercialized these products to meet the needs of the automotive industry for a flexible alternative to traditional lift trucks, offering greater productivity and value.

Ideal for repetitive lifting and maintenance applications, our products are made for diverse uses such as pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, setting architectural glass, and many others. Ruger also makes lift trucks, lift tables and towable cranes.

Today, Ruger Industries is a division of The David Round Company, a leading manufacturer of hoists, winches, jib cranes, tractor drives, trolleys, capstans, sheaves and chains and other material handling equipment. Founded in 1869, David Round is well-know for industrial lifting, and durable equipment that is engineered to withstand constant daily industrial use.

Ruger welcomes requests for custom engineered products.  All products are also available in stainless steel.  Give us a call and we will connect you with one of our engineers who can tailor our load lifting and portable crane equipment to your special need.

Ruger is proud to be an American Made company.