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Ruger® hydraulic portable crane products, known as floor crane, engine crane or engine hoist products are more versatile than jib cranes and more mobile than gantry cranes. They are ideal for continuous use in industrial environments where rugged all-welded construction makes them durable performers day in and day out.

Known by many names, including engine crane, engine lift, shop crane or cherry picker, these portable cranes are used by many companies as safer, smaller and less expensive alternatives to tow motor-type lift trucks.

Their ergonomic benefits are significant, as they eliminate many back-braking activities while easily navigating standard door openings, narrow aisles and elevators.

Ruger manufactures both manual push engine crane and full power hydraulic floor cranes. Manual units are available in straddle and reverse styles, with lifting capabilities up to 6000 lbs. Our powerful full power units are ideal for repetitive lifting and maintenance applications.

Our products are availble in stainless Steel, making them ideal for clean room crane applications such as food processing and pharmaceutical. Additionally, we enthusiastically welcome requests for custom engineered or modified lifting equipment.

Don't see what you need? Call us with your request for custom-engineered lifting products or see our crane attachments crane options page.


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Jib Crane

Gantry Crane


Lift Table

Portable design lifts loads almost anywhere for greater versatility

No foundation required to maximize available floor space

Self-contained lifting mechanism does not require electricity or air

Integrated load lifting frame supports raised load for use in open areas

Services multiple lifting applications in a wide variety of locations

Fits through standard door openings, narrow aisles and onto elevators

Adjustable height and reach to negotiate obstructions

Cantilever lifting boom permits the extraction of recessed objects

No installation, assembly or setup required prior to operation

Suspended loads held in place without a motor or mechanical brake

Standard unit includes overload sensing for greater operator safety

No motors or gearing to service