Product Information

If you are using a Bulk Bag system in your facility, Ruger Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Carriers can offer fast, dependable, safe alternative to less efficient Bulk Bag hoist options. Ruger Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Carriers reduce handling costs, increase efficiency and increase material handling speed.


  • Models with 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 lbs. capacities
  • Manual and full power options available
  • Wide range of load capacities
  • Top quality all Stainless Steel welded construction
  • Adjustable height

Ruger Industries can design a Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Carrier for you that will increase efficiency and cut costs when you are moving bulk bags from filling stations to storage, in and out of shipping containers, on and off trucks and anywhere else in your facility.

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