Truck Mounted Cranes

These truck mounted cranes are ideal for installation on your truck, where they will provide up to 6000 lbs. of portable lifting capacity. All work truck cranes provide 360° rotation after mounting on truck bed. Hand pump actuates hydraulic cylinder to lift loads. Needle type release valve permits pin-point control over lowering loads.

A truck mounted crane is great for moving equipment from truck to bed ground and back such as welding machines or large electric motors. They are also commonly used by the monument industry to transport and set stones.

Truck Mounted Cranes


Model Number

500 lbs.

TM-1/4 Truck Mounted Crane

1000 lbs.

TM-1/2 Truck Mounted Crane

2000 lbs.

TM-1 Truck Mounted Crane

4000 lbs.

TM-2 Truck Mounted Crane

6000 lbs.

TM-3 Truck Mounted Crane

truck mounted crane
truck mounted crane