Product Information

Ruger innovatively designs and constructs Stainless Steel Work Positioners that utilize ergonomic features to help workers minimize stooping, stretching, reaching, bending and other repetitive motions that can cause injury and drastically reduce productivity.

 Model Capacity  Overall Width  Table Length Table Width Table Lift Height (low) Table Lift Height (high)
MX-1/4 500 lbs. - - - - -


  • Models with 500 lbs. capacities
  • High grade Stainless steel construction
  • Low profile design makes picking up objects off the ground easier than ever
  • Stainless steel manual winch designed to raise and lower platform
  • Stainless steel casters with non-marking hard rubber wheels
  • All Ruger Work Positioners meet or exceed ASME PASE standards, which require design and build to 150% of rated capacity and are ANSI Z.535 compliant


  • Power-Pak for powered lift
  • Floor lock
  • Increased lift height
  • Pendant control
  • Fully customizable
  • Consult Factory for other options

Maximize efficiency, optimize productivity and ensure safety with a Stainless Steel Ruger Work Positioner.

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All Ruger Industries products are proudly made in the U.S.A.